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Partner Blog: Enbridge

We had the opportunity to meet with Trevor Esdaile, Manager of Government Affairs with Enbridge Gas. Enbridge is North America's largest natural gas utility company by volume and delivers affordable energy across Canada and beyond. The company provides affordable energy for approximately 3.9 million residents and businesses within Ontario. Their work is led by Environmental, Social and Governance goals that include net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 and an interim target to reduce GHG emissions intensity 35% by 2030.

Trevor shared key insights into balancing such a wide range of stakeholders as a member of the energy sector and how to work alongside partners to ensure all voices are considered in decision-making processes. Trevor’s background in public affairs and energy brought a unique perspective to the meeting and paved the way for an engaging and fruitful conversation for the interns.

Thank you, Trevor for sharing your valuable time and insights into the energy sector, and Enbridge, for its support of OLIP.

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