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Partner Blog: Co-Operators

It was a pleasure to meet with Kallie Fanson and Corrine Allsop of the Co-Operators’ government relations team. It was interesting to learn about how their financial services co-operative grew from modest beginnings in the Canadian prairies to now provide multi-line insurance and wealth products and advice on building financial strength and security. We particularly enjoyed gaining a better understanding of their co-operative business model, and how co-operatives across the country advocate for their shared goals and interests! 


We discussed at length the need for insurance to protect the livelihood of people in vastly different communities around the country, from farmers in the prairies to fishermen on the coasts, as well as the different risk factors within the insurance industry. One pertinent takeaway was the role of the insurance industry in response to the increasing frequency of climate emergencies like hurricanes and wildfires.  


Generous support from the Co-Operators also provided us the opportunity to travel to Yellowknife earlier this year. We appreciated the opportunity to share our highlights and insights from the trip, and discuss the many benefits of learning about and visiting Canada’s great North! Thank you, Kallie, Corrine and to the whole Co-Operators team for your ongoing support of our programme! 

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