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Partner Blog: CIBC

The interns had the pleasure of meeting our partners at CIBC, including Global Investment and Government Relations team members Amber Bartool, Alex Phillips, Lisa Riatt, Chad Schella, and Jeremy McKenzie. CIBC had many great insights to share as one of Canada’s largest banks which serves over eleven million clients and has over 40,000 employees. We discussed the synergies between public policy, governance, and the financial sector and how transferable skills from government serve better corporate policy making.

CIBC shared their knowledge on how they support Environmental, Social, and Governance investing and how initiatives for sustainability must occur with sector-wide leadership. The team members shared about how they support these initiatives within their portfolios which span from Investment Banking to Public Relations, Public Policy, and Government Relations. We discussed how to emerge from crisis's with stronger economies and with leadership for more sustainable futures.

Thank you to Amber, Alex, Lisa, Chad, and Jeremy, for your time and the engaging conversation. We left the meeting with many insights into the crossover between governance and the financial sector and look forward to continuing OLIP x CIBC partnership!

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