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Partner Blog: Canadian Media Producers Association

The OLIP interns recently had the opportunity to sit down with the Canadian Media Producers Association. The Canadian Media Producers Association is Canada’s trade association for independent producers who develop, produce and distribute English-language content for TV, feature film and digital media channels. It was incredibly insightful to learn about the broad range of work the CMPA covers, such as providing membership services like mentorship and training programs, industrial relations, and advocacy for the industry. We enjoyed hearing their expertise on various aspects of the industry, from production and financing to distribution and marketing. 

Of particular interest was the focus on Ontario's role, and more particularly Toronto’s role, as a leading hub for film and television production. We learned how vital the film and television industry are to the Ontarian—and more broadly Canadian—economy. Canadian television and films are a $4-5 billion dollar industry! We appreciated having an in-depth discussion about tax credits, issues with piracy, subscription services, and foreign investing in Canadian media production. 


The interns also enjoyed getting the inside scoop on the filming of some of their favourite Canadian productions and couldn't help but be inspired by the vibrant posters on the walls of CMPA’s office, showcasing iconic Canadian film and television shows! 


Thank you to Indira and Alain for sharing their expertise with us—we sincerely learned so much about the role of Canadian production! 

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