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Partner Blog: Canadian Generic Pharmaceutical Association

In April, we welcomed Jeff Connell, Vice President of Corporate Affairs of the Canadian Generic Pharmaceutical Association to our office for an insightful conversation about the generic pharmaceutical industry in Canada and Ontario.  


The CGPA represents companies across Canada that manufacture generic pharmaceutical prescriptions. We were fascinated to learn that the use of generic medications has saved our healthcare system tens of billions of dollars over the past five years. Canada's generic pharmaceutical sector plays a major role in supporting the country's healthcare system by providing these life-saving medications at a fraction of their original cost. Jeff shared that generic pharmaceuticals cost significantly less than brand-name medicines. We also discussed and compared the separate and shared responsibilities of the country and the province and how each jurisdiction can contribute to a prosperous economy and a sustainable healthcare sector.  


Thank you, Jeff and the Canadian Generic Pharmaceutical Association for a remarkable 22 years of partnership, as well as for your commitment to ensuring the interns have excellent learning opportunities.  

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