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Partner Blog: Canada Nickel Company

Updated: Jun 19

OLIP is thrilled to be partnering with Canada Nickel Company and is appreciative of the opportunity to enhance our existing relationship with OLIP alumni Sydney Oakes, Director of Indigenous Relations and Public Affairs at CNC, and forge a new one with Pierre-Philippe Dupont, Vice President of Sustainability.  


Canada Nickel Company is a Nickel focused exploration company with high potential assets in mature, mining-friendly jurisdictions. Canada Nickel is spearheading the subsequent wave of superior, highly promising nickel ventures to supply the metals required to fuel the electric vehicle revolution and fuel the rapidly expanding stainless steel industry. CNC focuses on low risk, well-established mining jurisdictions and has industry-leading nickel knowledge. 

By giving local hiring and procurement priority, funding health and education programs, and collaborating with Indigenous groups, mining corporations throughout Ontario play a significant role in the communities in which they operate and contribute to the economic and social wellbeing of those communities.

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