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Partner Blog: CAA Insurance

CAA Insurance is a valued partner of OLIP and one of the leading insurance corporations in Ontario. For almost fifty years CAA Insurance has worked to provide top-notch insurance coverage for Ontarians and to put forward innovative policy ideas that improve the industry for all Ontarians. This is what we spoke about with Mr. Elliot Silverstein, Director of Government Relations at CAA Insurance. Mr. Silverstein shared the key issues that CAA Insurance is working towards at the moment, and the policy ideas their team has put forward that, we agreed, could benefit all Ontarians as they navigate the auto insurance industry. We thoroughly enjoyed the insightful conversation regarding an important industry that sometimes gets overlooked within discussions of good public policy at Queen’s Park.

We extend our sincere gratitude to Mr. Silverstein for his kindness in coming to speak with us and willingness to hear our thoughts and ideas, as well as to CAA Insurance for their support of OLIP.

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