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Partner Blog: Brown & Cohen

The OLIP interns had the incredible opportunity to meet and host Brown & Cohen, one of our partners! We were welcomed with enthusiasm and encouraging words from Howard Brown, President of Brown & Cohen Communications & Public Affairs. We were accompanied by Charlie Echlin, Account Executive of Brown & Cohen as well as Glenn and Shawn from the Ontario Association of Landscape Architects.

Brown & Cohen is a public relations agency based in Toronto that works with over 250 organizations around the country and the world to deliver marketing and communication services. They work to increase profile, protect reputation, build profit and create impact in collaboration with many important organizations that strive in Ontario today.

Howard Brown is a huge fan of OLIP and he loves to broaden our network by introducing the interns to his clients, where we have the opportunity for fruitful discussion. At our meeting this year, we discussed the importance of creating a network for ourselves and maintaining strong relationships with like-minded individuals and colleagues we meet throughout our time at Queen’s Park. Since we began our placements with our Members of Provincial Parliament, their tips and tricks were invaluable and very helpful.

We thank Brown & Cohen for their ongoing support for our programme and the interns year after year. Before they left, they told us, “You can be the substantive change in your community.” Our partners inspire us to do our very best and to make the most out of this opportunity.

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