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Partner Blog: Bombardier

The interns had the unique pleasure of meeting with Sandra Buckler, Senior Director of External Affairs at Bombardier Inc. to learn about Bombardier’s role as a leader in the Canadian aviation industry. 

During the past century, Bombardier has grown from the company credited with inventing and producing the first snowmobiles, to Canadian aerospace manufacturing titan. Today, they employ over 60,000 employees in the globally connected supply chain. Though Bombardier’s clientele is international, they remain a proud Canadian company, and have assembled their jets here in Toronto since 1929. 

We had the privilege of touring their assembly floor, and were blown away by the intricate design, craftsmanship, and labour force required to build a Bombardier plane. We were particularly intrigued by their “Ecojet” and sustainable aviation fuel projects, and enjoyed learning about how the global transportation and military defense giant navigates corporate climate responsibility. 

Thank you, Sandra, for taking the time to meet with us and facilitating such a valuable learning experience! The OLIP Interns are grateful for Bombardier’s ongoing support of the programme. 

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