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Our Tour of the TVO Studio

The OLIP Interns, avid fans of The Agenda, were thrilled to have the exciting opportunity to tour the TVO studio, where one of our favourite programs is filmed. We were buzzing with anticipation as we stepped into the very space where The Agenda comes to life. It was a surreal moment to sit in the chairs where the filming takes place, with all the lights shining on us. Thank you to Steve Paikin for showing us around the studio and answering all our questions.  

One of the highlights of the tour was the opportunity to engage in a candid conversation with Mr. Paikin about his career and the intricacies of producing The Agenda. Our conversation ranged from his favorite interviews to the interviews he hasn’t done yet but hopes to do one day. Mr. Paikin's passion for journalism is evident. 

We truly appreciated the time Mr. Paikin took to give us a tour of the TVO studio and chat with us. The experience was a highlight of the year for many of us, and who knows, perhaps one of us will find ourselves sitting in those chairs again in the future! 

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