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Our Meeting with Tim Murphy

The OLIP interns had the opportunity to visit former OLIP alum Tim Murphy. We enjoyed his range of insights based on his varied career: as an MPP, federal staffer, Chief of Staff to Prime Minister Paul Martin, running multiple campaigns, and being in the private sector.  

We had a discussion centered around the notion of change in politics, and how to run a successful campaign. Mr. Murphy shared with us how many governments face big obstacles if they fear change, and that politics and policy often get caught up in the process of change.  

We were interested in picking his brain about a variety of topics based on his experience, which we see at the provincial and federal level of politics. In response to this subject, we had an engaging discussion about the impacts of social media and the growing and changing media landscape. We were also curious to hear about Tim Murphy’s experiences running campaigns and we found his insights fascinating that campaigns survive on “hope and/or fear” and how to appeal to the average voter. 

Thank you for meeting with us Tim Murphy and thank you for your enthusiastic support of the programme! 

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