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Our Meeting With The Speaker of the Legislative Assembly of Ontario

The OLIP interns were lucky enough to meet with the ever-gracious Speaker of the Legislative Assembly of Ontario, MPP Ted Arnott. This meeting marked our first trip inside the Legislative Chamber, and it didn’t disappoint. To be welcomed to Queen’s Park by the Speaker himself was an experience we won’t soon forget.

Speaker Arnott discussed his thirty-plus years as an MPP and shared some of his favourite things about the speakership. We learned about the ways Queen’s Park has changed throughout Speaker Arnott’s career, and how he expects the Legislative Assembly to evolve in years to come. We were grateful to learn about the Speaker’s passion for public service and how he finds time to represent his constituency while fulfilling the many duties required by his position.

A huge thank you to Speaker Arnott and his EA(notable OLIP alumnus-Rachel), for welcoming us and for their constant support of OLIP.

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