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Our Meeting with The Ontario Human Rights Commission

We had the pleasure of meeting with Patricia DeGuire, the Chief Commissioner of the Ontario Human Rights Commission. The Ontario Human Rights Commission impacts systemic change by working on the roots of discrimination. This includes policy development, targeted public education, monitoring human rights, research and analysis, and conducting human rights inquiries. Chief Commissioner Patricia supports access to justice, equality and equity. She cares deeply about the rule of law, commitment to public service, mentoring, coaching and legal education. Chief Commissioner Patricia is a professional adjudicator, arbitrator, mediator and coach who served as the Deputy Judge with the Ontario Superior Court of Justice - SCC Division, provincial and federal tribunals, Immigration Appeal Division/IRB, and the OLRB/Pay Equity Hearings Tribunal.

In the meeting, we discussed the importance of mentorship, values that are required in human rights work, and the jurisdiction of the Ontario Human Rights Commission. Chief Commissioner Patricia emphasized the importance of seeking mentorship and giving back by mentoring others as we progress through our careers. She also shared the importance of human rights and values of respect, dignity and fairness.

We’d like to thank Chief Commissioner Patricia Deguire for sharing her time with us and the Ontario Human Rights Commission for the work that they do!

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