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Our Meeting With The Information and Privacy Commissioner

As part of the orientation series, the OLIP interns had the pleasure of meeting the Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario, Patricia Kosseim. The role of the Information and Privacy Commissioner is to oversee the functioning of Ontario’s privacy laws and to work to ensure that Ontarians’ personal information is securely used and stored by the government. The Commissioner’s office also oversees the public’s right of access to government and public sector information.

Commissioner Kosseim was very generous with her time and offered a very detailed overview of her office and their work on behalf of Ontario’s citizens. Following the overview of the Commissioner’s work, we had the opportunity to ask her questions and we discussed the many implications of technology, artificial intelligence, and social media on our privacy.

The Commissioner's insights on the importance of the protection of personal information within government will prove to be valuable in our placements with Members of Provincial Parliament. Thank you to Commissioner Kosseim and her team at the Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner for taking the time to meet with us and for answering our many questions.

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