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Our Meeting With The Auditor General

During the OLIP orientation, the OLIP interns visited the Office of the Auditor General of Ontario to meet with the Acting Auditor-General Nick Stravropoulos and Director of Strategy and Research (and OLIP alum) Kristy May. We were very grateful to meet with them, and we found the presentation and thoughtful responses to our many questions enlightening.

We learned about how the Auditor General, one of the province’s independent officers, strives to conduct their work to serve public interest, within the scope of their mandate. Their efforts to serve the public’s interests also guide how their office determines where to conduct value-for-money audits. We also noted a unique feature of the Auditor-General's office: they have a direct relationship to a standing committee of the Legislature, the Public Accounts Committee.

Thank you for the warm welcome to the Office of the Auditor General of Ontario and for taking the time to support our learning. The independent work of the Auditor General is so important to Ontario’s parliamentary democracy, and it was our privilege to hear firsthand about the processes and values that uphold such an important public institution.

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