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Our Meeting with Steve Paikin

The Interns had the immense pleasure of meeting renowned Canadian journalist, Steve Paikin!

Mr. Paikin has been the host of one of Ontario’s most iconic current affairs television programs, The Agenda, since 2006. He spoke about his long career in journalism reporting on provincial and federal politics; describing his prominent roles in radio, broadcast journalism, and documentary production.

As an expert in Ontario Politics, Mr. Paikin talked about his experiences interviewing high-profile politicians, premiers, and party leaders, and the skills he learned along the way. We spoke about the challenges facing young journalists in Canada today, the role of the neutral and informed moderator in political debates, and insights into his creative process as a journalist, including his day-to-day priorities. We also discussed the format of The Agenda, and its ability to connect with Ontarians of all backgrounds on critical issues of the day. Mr. Paikin imparted valuable advice onto the Interns on the keys to entering journalism, and the importance of maintaining non-partisanship in journalism.

During our discussion, Mr. Paikin also expressed his unwavering support for OLIP, and youth involvement in Ontario politics at large. Thank you for this invaluable conversation, and for taking the time to speak with us, Mr. Paikin!

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