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Our Meeting with The Speaker of The Legislative Assembly

On our first day in-person at the Legislature, we had the chance to have an in-depth discussion with the Honourable Ted Arnott, Speaker of the Legislative Assembly of Ontario. First elected as an MPP in 1990, Speaker Arnott was able to provide us with a treasure trove of advice from his thirty years in the Legislature and his three years as Speaker.

Sitting in the Chamber for the first time as interns was an extraordinary experience made even more remarkable by Speaker Arnott’s deep respect for the institution of parliament and democracy. Speaker Arnott shared with us the importance of non-partisanship and open-mindedness, not only for our roles as interns, but also as a virtue to practice in all aspects of our lives and careers to promote understanding, respect, and cooperation.

Speaker Arnott spoke extensively about balancing his role as Speaker with his responsibility to his constituents. For example, he begins every day with a call to his constituency office to ensure that constituent concerns are addressed. We are looking forward to replicating Speaker Arnott’s commitment to constituents when we are placed in MPP offices.

We are so grateful for Speaker Arnott’s generosity with his time and for his ongoing support of OLIP!

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