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Our Meeting with Ryan Clarke

During orientation we had the opportunity to meet with Ryan Clarke, the founder of Advocacy Solutions, now a part of CRG-EVERSANA Canada inc. Founded in 2003, Advocacy Solutions helps individuals become more effective advocates and gives them the tools to make their voices heard. Effective advocacy is an invaluable skill because, as Mr. Clarke said, the squeaky wheel gets the grease.

Mr. Clarke shared his professional experience with us and stressed the importance of telling your story with a purpose. Mr. Clarke cohesively fit years of advocacy knowledge into a one-hour meeting, while graciously saving time to answer our many questions. Among the many lessons conveyed by Mr. Clarke were the importance of cultivating and maintaining relationships and the fundamental importance of setting clear, achievable objectives.

We left our meeting with Mr. Clarke feeling more confident in our ability to clearly and effectively advocate for our needs and the needs of any project we may encounter. Additionally, Mr. Clarke’s willingness to speak to his own experiences as a non-partisan actor within a political environment was much appreciated as we embark on our own non-partisan journey.

Mr. Clarke is a generous partner and OLIP is grateful for his continued support.

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