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Our Meeting with OLP Leader Bonnie Crombie

Rounding out our meetings with the leaders of Ontario's four major political parties, we were grateful to Bonnie Crombie, Leader of the Ontario Liberal Party, for taking the time to speak with us.   

Although she has extensive experience as an elected official both federally and municipally, her tenure as Leader of the Liberals is still relatively new and she is currently leading from outside of the Chamber. Thus, we were interested to hear her vision and plans for the party and appreciated her openness to sharing her perspective.  

Our conversation with Ms. Crombie spanned across many topics, all of which together provided us with a strong understanding of her approach to politics. We spoke about leadership, which she had clearly reflected upon deeply. 


Leading in the public service is not new to Ms. Crombie, who served as the Mayor of Mississauga for almost a decade, beginning in 2014. She also told us about her admiration for another leader, former and late Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, whose intelligence and commitment to a just and multicultural society inspires her.  

Finally, in a system of party politics, we appreciated the chance to hear her speak to what it means to be a grit. Ms. Crombie described the fundamental importance of the Liberal Party, as a founding party of Canada. 

We want to again thank Ms. Crombie and all the leaders of Ontario's provincial parties for allowing us to learn from each of you about Ontario’s pluralistic democracy 

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