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Our Meeting With NCCM

The interns had the pleasure of meeting with advocacy officer, Rizwan Mohmmad, from the National Council of Canadian Muslims. Rizwan shared about NCCM’s multi-pronged strategy to advance anti-discrimination in Canada, including working collaboratively with other national Muslim associations, and engaging in community education and outreach, media relations and public advocacy.  

It was particularly interesting to hear about their efforts working with members to advance The Our London Family Act (Bill 86). This bill seeks to address Islamophobia in Ontario, and prevent future hate-motivated attacks. We had a fruitful discussion about the importance of anti-hate legislation, Charter protected freedom of speech, and how public awareness of, and concern surrounding Islamophobia has increased in the last decade.  

Thank you, Rizwan, for coming to speak with us, and sharing insights into the work of the National Council of Muslims! 

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