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Our Meeting with MPP John Fraser

The OLIP interns had the opportunity to meet with MPP John Fraser, former interim leader of the Ontario Liberal Party. As MPP Fraser likes to say, two-time interim leader doesn’t have the same ring as two-time world champion, but it is just as great and rewarding of a title. During our meeting, we gained insight into his fascinating 10-year tenure representing Ottawa-South. He has plenty to be proud of including, his co-sponsorship of Rowan’s Law, whose mandate is to increase awareness about concussions in amateur sport and schools to help end unnecessary concussion-related injuries.


We were also interested in MPP Fraser’s time as interim leader, which came to an end in December 2023. It was his second time stepping up to lead the Ontario Liberal Party at the legislature. He shared his strategies on keeping the caucus excited and united, as well as his optimism going forward. He emphasized that even though he is no longer leader of the party, he won’t going anywhere, so we’re looking forward to seeing his joyful spirit around Queen’s Park. 

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