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Our Meeting with Graham White

The OLIP interns enjoyed meeting with former OLIP Alum, Graham White, from the original cohort of 1976-1977! Graham remained committed to the programme post-OLIP, serving as Academic Director from 1987-1994. And he worked in the Clerk’s Office at the Ontario Legislature from 1978-1984. It is safe to say that Graham has been around the Legislature for many decades, and we enjoyed drawing on his wealth of knowledge as an expert in the study of Queen’s Park and other provincial legislatures! 

As we anticipate our upcoming trip to Yellowknife in the Northwest Territories, Graham shared with us many resources and facts about governance in Canada’s territories. We discussed the differences and similarities between government and citizens’ access to services in the provinces and in the territories. We learned about the different challenges people face in the Northwest Territories, and the unique demographic makeup of key cities and other areas in and around Yellowknife.


We really appreciate the time Graham took to expand our knowledge on Yellowknife and the Northwest Territories, including his recommendations for places we should visit during our trip! We look forward to seeing him at our Spring reception, and we thank him for constant and continued support of our programme! 

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