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Our meeting with Gary Clement, TD Canada Trust

The interns recently had the pleasure of meeting with Gary Clement, Director of Government Relations at TD Canada Trust. TD is a valued partner of OLIP, and Mr. Clement was gracious enough to come speak with us and patiently walk us through his impressive array of experiences at Queen’s Park, Parliament Hill, and in the private sector. Having worked his way up from Research Officer to his current position, and finding success across all three realms he has entered, Mr. Clement was able to provide invaluable insight to the challenges and rewards that can be found working in politics.

Mr. Clement stressed the perspective that he gained between the different offices and levels of government he has worked in. He is a firm believer that perspective is something we must seek out to better understand others, even those with different interests than our own. Mr. Clement recalled times in his career when gaining perspective and making the extra effort to be kind to others helped him foster positive relationships that proved important down the road.

While discussing how political life necessitates an attitude of constant growth and learning, Mr. Clement helped us better understand the importance of keeping an open mind to new opportunities. This, along with his personal experiences cultivating a better work-life balance made for valuable lessons that we will carry with us long after our internship is done.

Mr. Clement was a gracious guest, and we appreciate his honesty. Thank you, Mr. Clement for your steadfast support of OLIP!

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