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Our Meeting With Former Premier Kathleen Wynne

We recently met with former Premier, Kathleen Wynne. Premier Wynne was eminently gracious in taking the time not just to meet with us, but to share some of the lessons she learned throughout her esteemed career. We learned about the issues that brought her into politics and discussed some of the issues and policies that came to define her tenure as school board trustee, MPP, Minister, and then Premier.

We appreciated Premier Wynne’s candid discussion of the importance of respecting colleagues across the aisle and maintaining a level of respect in our politics that enables progress to be made for the betterment of all Ontarians. We noted former Premier Wynne’s willingness to hear and answer a question from each intern, even taking extra time out of her day to do so. This kindness is part of why she earned the respect of so many throughout her career, regardless of their partisan affiliation.

We truly enjoyed our meeting with Premier Wynne and are grateful for the generosity and thoughtful reflection she shared with us. Her support of OLIP is much appreciated and it was a pleasure to speak with someone who forged a path in Ontario politics that many will follow.

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