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Our Meeting with Dr. Silvina Danesi

The interns had the honour of meeting the Canadian Political Science Association’s (CPSA) Executive Director, Dr. Silvina Danesi.

Dr. Danesi completed her undergraduate and graduate studies in Law, Political Science, and Administration and Public Policy in Argentina. She also worked in the Argentine congress before immigrating to Canada, where she received her Ph.D. in Political Science and worked for the Senate of Canada. Her rich and extensive experiences led her to the field of Comparative Politics with an emphasis on legislative institutions. Dr. Danesi specializes in Latin American and Caribbean Studies. In November 2013, she was appointed as the Executive Director of the CPSA.

In our meeting, the interns had the opportunity to learn more about Dr. Danesi’s academic and professional experiences, including her experiences with various legislative institutions in Canada and Argentina. The interns also shared our experiences acclimating to the world of Queen’s Park and provincial politics in Ontario. In response, Dr. Danesi offered valuable professional advice and relayed her support of OLIP. Finally, we discussed the work of the CPSA and its annual conference, which will be held in June 2022. We are very much looking forward to presenting our academic research papers at the conference!

Thank you, Dr. Danesi, for joining us at Queen’s Park and for taking the time to share your work and experiences!

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