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Our Meeting with Bob Rae

We recently had the honour of sitting down with Bob Rae, the current Canadian Ambassador to the United Nations and former Premier of Ontario.  

Mr. Rae shared how his father significantly influenced his life and his trajectory into politics, in addition to how his education shaped his views. We enjoyed discussing his tenure as Premier of Ontario, including the many highlights and challenges of that role, and hearing him reflect on his decision to run for the federal Liberals. Mr. Rae provided sound advice on how to build a Cabinet and manage a party. He also spoke passionately about his core values as a liberal social democrat and offered fascinating insights into contemporary politics and the future. 

Our conversation extended into a discussion on international relations and diplomacy, where Mr. Rae provided a detailed look at how the administration functions on a global stage. We found it particularly interesting to learn about his current role as Ambassador to the UN, and how he uses his experience in domestic politics to build a better world. 

Thank you, Mr. Rae, for sharing your valuable time and insights with us. We sincerely learned so much from your candid answers! 

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