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Our Meeting with AMO

The OLIP interns recently had the wonderful experience of meeting with Colin Best, President of the Association of Municipalities of Ontario. Mr. Best is a municipal councillor in Milton and also sits on the Halton Regional Council, having first been elected as a local councillor in 1980. In his capacity as a municipal councillor, Mr. Best served as chair of the 2018 budget committee. 

During our meeting with Mr. Best, we discussed the role of the AMO president and the important work that AMO does on behalf of municipalities across Ontario. AMO works to enhance strong and effective municipal governance in Ontario, and has several unique avenues to achieve these goals. Mr. Best and AMO work to better the relationship between the province and their municipal counterparts by working collaboratively with all 444 municipalities in Ontario to find common goals and work towards the development of policies that best support their varied interests.  

Much of this work includes collaboration with the provincial government, mainly through the Ministry of Municipal Affairs. AMO also hosts an annual conference where municipal leaders and representatives from other levels of government come together to discuss the needs of Ontario municipalities and how they can work more effectively together on behalf of citizens. 

Thank you to Mr. Best for taking the time to meet with us and discussing AMO’s work. 

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