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OLIP During a Pandemic: What’s Different This Year?

It’s that time of the year again (nope, not the holidays yet!), when the new OLIP cohort officially gets introduced! Despite the COVID-19 pandemic and the changes it has made to the programme, we’re thrilled to be part of OLIP’s 45th cohort. To read more about the diverse backgrounds of this year’s interns, check out our bios at

Although our internship will be remote until further notice, we’re still excited and honoured to virtually take part in the programme (thank you technology)! Plus, we’ll get an inside scoop on how the Legislature, through different procedures, continues to function during a global pandemic - talk about witnessing and being part of an important historical moment.

During our orientation session, we had the chance to visit Queen’s Park twice and have a socially distanced tour of the building, including a meeting with Speaker Ted Arnott, and got to be guests at Question Period! We hope you can see our excitement and smiles behind our matching OLIP masks. Our two weeks of orientation were filled with interesting virtual meetings including with OLIP Alumni and Sponsors. Stay tuned for our next blog posts highlighting a few of these meetings!

Even though this year looks very different and we aren’t sure whether we’ll get the chance to work in the hallowed halls of Queen’s Park, we also know that our work is even more important than ever as Ontario navigates this unprecedented time, and are looking forward to an exciting and educational OLIP experience!

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