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Office of the Legislative Assembly Branch Placement: Sky

For my Office of the Assembly branch placement, I was fortunate to work at the Legislative Library. The Library primarily supports the work of MPPs and their staff, answering questions surrounding reference, circulation and access to services. Library staff also very kindly provide comprehensive information for OLIP interns’ research papers.

Throughout my placement, I parsed out and entered bill events from the second session of 35th Legislature into Mace, a new internal database developed for the Assembly. This database will be instrumental to enabling the digitization process of the Library and help users navigate and research historical bill events more effectively. For the first two weeks, I also met with 7 librarians and research officers and gained further insight on navigating the library catalogue, utilizing research tools and the various services offered at the Library.

I’d like to thank my mentor Jessica and every staff member at the library for making feel welcome from the first day of my placement. I’m grateful for their continued support and contagious smiles!

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