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Office of the Legislative Assembly Branch Placement: Sharon

I was placed with Precinct Properties for my Office of the Assembly branch placement. During my short month there, I conducted research and compiled various information regarding the historical development of the Legislative grounds and building. My primary task was to use this information to modify the existing chronology of the building and grounds, filling in gaps and providing updates.

I thoroughly enjoyed the process of compiling and researching information as it enabled me to gain in-depth knowledge of the Legislative building and grounds. Through my experience, I have grown a deeper appreciation for the physical parameters that host and decorate the place where important legislative processes take place. Moreover, learning about developments to the property provided me with a unique perspective to the Assembly’s history as property changes reflected the values and priorities of the Assembly and province throughout history. Not to mention, I feel much more connected to Queen’s Park in knowing its history and have developed a deeper appreciation for the intentional design of the property. Furthermore, learning about the functions and purpose of Precinct Properties allowed me to realize the important role the branch and its staff play in facilitating the province’s legislative process. Despite not speaking into the mic in the Chamber, many diligent individuals are behind the scenes ensuring the maintenance of our democracy.

A few highlights from my experience include meeting the Precinct Properties team, especially its staff in Whitney Block. They welcomed me with open arms, and it was lovely to get to know a group of hard-working and over-achieving individuals over the course of the month. I would like to thank the whole office, as well as Alana in particular, for overseeing my work with trust and enthusiasm.

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