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Office of the Legislative Assembly Branch Placement: Esma

I was lucky enough to spend the month of October with the Procedural Services Branch (PSB) and Table Research Office (TRO).

Supervisors from each branch assigned me various tasks to complete. These tasks helped me better understand the workflow of the branches, as well as feel apart of the team working towards achieving the goals of the branch.

TRO is responsible for providing research and writing support to the Clerk and the Deputy Clerk, the Speaker, and all MPPs on subjects relating to parliamentary procedure and practice. In my role, I drafted public education materials on procedural subjects. My first project was on the Presiding Officers, their roles, and the origins of their title. The other was on the disciplinary procedure of the Speaker naming Members, including itsorigins and effect in practice.

PSB provides procedural and administrative support to the Assembly’s standing and select committees. In my role at PSB, I met with the Clerks of each committee. Using the information gathered through these meetings and additionalresearch, I created an informative brochure to helpthe general publicunderstand the branch, the standing and select committees and their processes, and the roles of the Clerks. I also created a more formal overview of PSB in written piece format.

I thank my supervisors, Julia Douglas and Tanzima Khan for being so supportive, resourceful, caring, and welcoming. This experience truly helped me understand the value of these branches in the grand scheme of legislative work. Both Table Research Clerks and Committee Clerks play a vital role in making the work of the Legislative Assembly run smoothly.

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