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Office of the Legislative Assembly Branch Placement: Alia

Updated: Nov 8, 2022

For the month of October, I was lucky enough to work with Parliamentary Counsel in my Office of the Legislative Assembly branch placement. The Parliamentary Counsel is an integral branch of the Assembly that deals with a variety of legal issues that pertain to the Legislature. Comprised of two members, William Wong and Gabriela Dedelli, the office of Parliamentary Counsel works tirelessly to provide legal advice, solve legal issues that might affect the Assembly, and make sure the Speaker and the Clerk are updated on such issues.  

My time at Parliamentary Counsel has been an exciting and unique experience. Both William and Gabriela were incredible people to work with. With their kindness and help, I was able to contribute to a variety of projects. My main projects were to create reference indices, including an index of legislation impacting the Assembly. Gabriela and William also gave me the opportunity to help edit and write briefing notes on a number of cases. These experiences allowed me to gain greater insight into the significant role Parliamentary Counsel plays in the Assembly and the complex issues Parliamentary Counsel deals with. 

As my placement comes to an end, I want to take the time to thank William Wong and Gabriella Dedelli for all their kindness. They welcomed me and made me feel a part of their team, and their endless support has made this an incredible and unforgettable experience! It was an honour working for them.

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