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Placement Posts - Misha with Lindsey Park

Updated: Feb 13, 2020

I am very excited to be working with MPP Lindsey Park for my fall MPP placement as well as her EA Kristen Cucan at Queen’s Park. MPP Park represents the riding of Durham and is the Parliamentary Assistant to the Attorney General as well as a Member of the Standing Committee on Estimates! MPP Park’s portfolios allow me to gain knowledge on many different ministries and be involved in the various arms of government.

My favorite tasks so far have been doing research on MPP Park’s riding, attending stakeholder meetings and brainstorming ideas for her upcoming Private Members’ Bill along with her other staff members. MPP Park has had success in the past with her first bill, Bill 69, The Golden Girls Bill, which aims to provide alternative affordable housing solutions for seniors in Ontario. MPP Park hopes to bring forward another Private Members’ Bill that can make real change in her community and in Ontario. I admire MPP Park’s commitment to representing her constituents in Durham and for working tirelessly at her job.

As a future law student, I am enjoying working with a young lawyer who will be able to act as a mentor and bridge my interests in politics and law. I look forward to continuing to be exposed to local and provincial issues that impact MPP Park’s riding of Durham such as balancing urban, suburban and rural neighborhoods, hospital expansion and transit and to work under her leadership in her Attorney General portfolio. I have been experiencing many facets of the life of an MPP and have been thoroughly enjoying my time, thank you for having me!

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