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MPP Placement: Milena & MPP John Fraser

John Fraser, MPP for Ottawa South, ensured I had the true OLIP experience in his office in my first placement. Every day was as unique, unpredictable and entertaining as the next. My work included supporting media scrums, writing speeches, questions, and Members Statement’s, attending events, coordinating and attending stakeholder meetings, and working on a PMB. 

MPP Fraser has been at Queen’s Park for ten years now and I am grateful for the opportunity to learn from his insight from his long and impressive tenure. He is well-versed across all policy files but specialized in accountability in his time as Interim Leader of the Ontario Liberal Party (OLP). As he likes to say, two-time Interim Leader does not have the same ring as two-time champion, but he excelled in his commitment to uniting and keeping the caucus of nine motivated. It was also particularly interesting to observe the transition to a new Leader of the party, and admirable that MPP Fraser maintained the mindset of providing leadership to the caucus. 

I also had the opportunity to visit his riding of Ottawa South to contribute to the great work of his constituency office with Carolyn, Celeste, and Jordan. I enjoyed travelling around the community, seeing new developments and learning about various organizations that are critical to building the community. Born and raised in his riding, MPP Fraser is very proud and probably enjoyed showing me around the riding as much as I did. 

I spent day to day working closely with Eric Osborne, Chief of Staff to MPP Fraser and OLP staff, and notable OLIP alumnus. From beginning to end, he made sure I had meaningful work and that I was a part of the team. 

Thank you to MPP Fraser, Eric, and the OLP caucus for an incredible and unforgettable first placement. 

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