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MPP Placement Blog: Teah

For my first MPP placement, I’m honoured to be working with MPP Bhutila Karpoche, who represents the west Toronto riding of Parkdale—High Park. This urban riding is home to a large population of young people, locally owned businesses, and diverse communities that are politically active around housing and green spaces. It has historically been a landing spot for many immigrants and encompasses the Little Tibet area in the neighbourhood of Parkdale.

MPP Karpoche is the first person of Tibetan heritage to be elected to public office in North America. The experience of being a newcomer to Canada as a young adult and settling in Parkdale motivated her to work on matters of social justice and to strive to include everyone, especially vulnerable and marginalized communities, in policy – for example, in working to support inclusive housing initiatives and tenants’ rights. Additionally, MPP Karpoche is an epidemiologist by training and has worked as a public health researcher, and as such, is active in public healthcare advocacy in her work as an MPP.

This office has a large focus on community outreach and engagement in order to bring the issues that touch MPP Karpoche’s community to Queen’s Park and into policy, and you will always find her and our team at one event or another in the riding! I have had the chance to participate in town halls, hear from social housing, community service and settlement service stakeholders, and to present to high school students on the opportunity to participate in a Member’s Statement writing competition.

MPP Karpoche’s critic areas are GTA issues, Child Care, and Early Childhood Development. As such, other focuses within my work have been childcare expansion in Ontario, provincial-municipal relations, and local issues that impact Toronto.

While I have spent time doing community outreach, I have also gotten to take part in a range of projects that fit my interests within both legislative and constituency work. This has included research and stakeholder consultations for some of MPP Karpoche’s upcoming Private Member’s Bills.

I have thoroughly enjoyed learning about local and province-wide issues alike in this placement and am excited for what lies ahead in the coming weeks.

A huge thank you to MPP Karpoche, Legislative Assistant Jeremy Istead, and the constituency office team for making me feel so welcome and being so supportive!

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