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MPP Placement Blog: Alia x MPP Shamji

For my second MPP placement, I’ve been lucky enough to be working alongside MPP Adil Shamji of Don Valley East. As part of an independent party, MPP Shamji is responsible for several critic portfolios: health, colleges and universities, indigenous affairs, and northern development.

Before getting elected as MPP, MPP Shamji was a doctor specializing in family and emergency medicine. During his time as a doctor, MPP Shamji spent some time working in the Northwest Territories and upon returning to Toronto, spent some time providing medical services to homeless shelters. These experiences played an integral role for MPP Shamji to decide to run as MPP and provide an effective and passionate voice to the people in his community.

Working alongside MPP Shamji has been an exciting and eye-opening experience. With the help of his guidance and kindness, I have been given a chance to gain a more comprehensive insight into legislative affairs. In the past month, I have assisted in press conferences, press releases, legislation amendments and clause by clause, legislative research, and case work. These wide variety of experiences has given me a firsthand look into both the challenges and the rewarding impacts that you face when part of a minority government.

As my OLIP term slowly approaches to a close, I am grateful to finish it off with MPP Shamji’s team. Levy Lorne, Sombo, and Ahmed have been very welcoming and I’m sincerely grateful for their warm welcome and support. I am looking forward to the new projects that are sure to come and am excited to learn more about the political field!

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