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Meeting With Steve Paikin

On November 6th, the OLIP interns had the pleasure of meeting Steve Paikin, host of Ontario’s flagship current affairs television program, The Agenda. Since 2006, The Agenda has provided Ontarians with in-depth discussions about political, cultural, and social issues in Ontario, Canada, and beyond. In addition to hosting The Agenda, Mr. Paikin has also moderated several federal and provincial leaders’ debates, authored 8 books about Ontario’s premiers and political life, and produced several documentaries.

During our meeting, Mr. Paikin imparted his extensive knowledge of Ontario’s political history and shared stories and experiences both within and outside of the TVO studio that inspired him to explore political life through journalism. We spoke about the changing landscape of journalism work in the age of social media and prevalence of fake news, and the importance of creating robust conditions for good debate on complex issues of the day. Mr. Paikin discussed the crucial role of non-partisanship in journalism, his role as the proxy for his viewers, and his responsibility to ask questions he believes Ontarians want answers to. Mr. Paikin even imparted a few invaluable interviewing and meeting tips we’ll be sure to keep in mind in the future!

As we begin our MPP placements, our discussion with Mr. Paikin reminds us of the importance of listening, keeping an open mind, and asking essential and responsible questions. Thank you, Mr. Paikin, for taking the time to meet with the OLIP interns!

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