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Legislative Assembly Office Placement: Steffi

I had the amazing opportunity to work in the Table Research Office with the Procedural Services Branch for my assembly placement. Table Research belongs to the office of the Deputy Clerk and is responsible for conducting research and providing advice on subjects relating to parliamentary procedure and the institution of parliament.

I was interested in working with Table Research because I wanted to understand the role of parliamentary procedure in the House, and why the House functions the way it does. Throughout my placement I learned so much about procedure and the routine that governs the proceedings of the House.

One of my main projects was to write a procedural note on a typical sitting day in the House which allowed me to observe and write about the daily proceedings of the House. I also had the opportunity to write a research report on the incorporation of Indigenous traditions in different provincial legislatures, which was a super interesting and enlightening research project.

I would like to thank Julia Douglas for her willingness to answer all my procedure-related questions! I thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to gain insight into the role of Table Research!

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