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Legislative Assembly Office Placement: Olivia

For my Legislative Assembly office placement, I was excited to be placed with the Information Services department. This department concentrates on the documentation, publication, capture, and purchase of information from both within and outside the organization. It ensures that this information is accessible to Assembly members, staff, and the public via the Assembly's internet and intranet platforms, as well as its internal databases and resources. 

One of our first meetings at the beginning of our OLIP year was with Steven Green, Director of the Information Services Branch. This meeting sparked my interest in the IS department and the work that they do in this office. In his meeting with us, Mr. Green mentioned that the IS department looks after Records Management. Records Management was a part of my previous job at Norfolk County’s Clerks Department that I very much enjoyed. I was intrigued to learn about the differences between the Legislative Assembly’s records management system and a small municipal system, like Norfolk County’s. 

In my placement, I also learned about the functions of all the departments within IS, and specifically Web Development. My primary responsibilities involved assessing the accessibility of both the public-facing website and the staff intranet, offering suggestions from an external viewpoint. Additionally, I had the privilege of writing an article about OLIP for the OLA website. 

A special thank you to Nicky, and everyone in the Information Services branch for being so welcoming and inclusive of me during my time in their department. I learned so much and it was a great introduction to my OLIP year. 

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1 Comment

Kymone Williamson
Kymone Williamson
Nov 26, 2023

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