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Legislative Assembly Office Placement: Astrid and Bridget

We, Astrid and Bridget, had the privilege of working in the office of Parliamentary Counsel for our Legislative Assembly placement. Gabriela, Parliamentary Counsel, and Will, Senior Parliamentary Counsel and Table Officer, provided us with meaningful work projects for our four-week term, and graciously shared insights on the role of legal counsel at the Legislature! We were eager to work with them so we could get a sense of how their work interacts with issues of parliamentary privilege and constitutional law.

Parliamentary Counsel provides crucial legal advice and insight to ensure the Legislative Assembly functions efficiently and remains independent of the government. By working on our individual projects, sitting in on meetings, and reviewing legal documents, our immersive experience in Parliamentary Counsel illuminated the role of legal counsel for the Legislative Assembly!

Our respective tasks included reviewing procurement agreements, conducting comparative research with other legislatures, updating and improving documents which serve as resources for the Parliamentary Counsel team in their work, and briefing Supreme Court cases for the future reference of the office.

Many thanks to Gabriela and Will for being so receptive to our questions, for their enthusiasm in supporting our internship, and generosity in sharing new experiences with us!

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