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In September 2010, as the Ontario Liberal Party was completing their 2nd term, nine enthusiastic interns arrived at Queens Park. According to Michael Smith “it was a really great year to be an intern because it was the lead-up to the 2011 election”. Indeed, the 2010-11 cohort of interns able to a first-hand look at how the parties were preparing for the election. They worked in a politically charged atmosphere, with building partisan tension and highly centralized Cabinet decision-making. A memorable working environment to say the least!

Aside from their political experiences, interns from the 2010-11 cohort highlighted the strong friendships forged during OLIP. “We had a blast crashing all the lobbyist receptions every night and going dog-sledding in the Northwest Territories” recalls Michael Smith. A few mentioned how OLIP inspired their professional careers; they started the internship feeling uncertain about their next move, but when June rolled around, they had a clearer answer. Surely a common feeling among many OLIP cohorts!

They say OLIP memories last a lifetime, and interns from the 2010-11 cohort definitely confirm this. Nathalie Desimini explains “I continue to reflect almost daily on the lessons I learned as an intern - such as to be curious, ask good questions, take risks, and speak up… Even when you feel outranked at the table”. A great lesson for all of us!

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