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Bruce Power Meeting

The OLIP interns recently had the chance to meet with our valued partners at Bruce Power. Clint Thomas, Manager of Public Relations, and Pat Dalzell, Head of Corporate Affairs, were gracious enough to walk us through some of Bruce Power’s important duties and most prominent goals. We appreciated learning about their experience in government relations and about the relationship that OLIP and Bruce power have cultivated over the years.

Bruce Power is a privately owned energy company that supplies nearly 30% of Ontario’s electricity. As a leader in North America’s nuclear energy landscape, Bruce Power is integral to Ontario’s commitment to move forward as a green province. In addition to explaining the role nuclear energy plays in supplying our electrical needs, Clint and Pat discussed the contributions of Bruce Power to modern medicine by way of the creation of medical isotopes that are used to sterilize surgical equipment, create targeted therapeutics, and develop modern cancer treatments. Though only representing a small portion of Bruce Power’s business, their contribution to nuclear medicine is something they are very proud of and eager to continue. Bruce Power’s diverse group of stakeholders ensure that community engagement and cooperation is a foremost priority in all the exciting projects they undertake. Clint and Pat discussed how, in their positions, understanding and communicating with local communities is an essential duty and a privilege, and how public education is necessary for any advocate of the benefits of nuclear power.

We are excited to continue the OLIP tradition of visiting Bruce Power in person. May this year mark another wonderful chapter in the exciting partnership between OLIP and Bruce Power.

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