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A Farewell from the 2021-2022 OLIP Interns

As the year comes to a close, we would like to extend our deepest thanks to the many people who have made this year so special. Firstly, our administrative team of Dr. Peter Constantinou, Meghan Stenson, Michael Vidoni, and Luisa Natarelli, who have been our knowledgeable guides throughout these last 10 months. Thank you for your time and energy in supporting all aspects of our experience.

Next, we would like to extend our gratitude to the MPPs and Independent Officers who hosted us in their offices for placements. OLIP is a unique experience that only works because generous Members open their doors and welcome interns to their team. Thank you to the fantastic MPPs and Independent Officers who mentored us this year. As we leave the programme, all 10 of us come away with a deep sense of gratitude for the time we spent in your office.

To the supporters of OLIP at the Ontario Legislature and our generous partners: thank you. We are so lucky to have the support of the CPSA as well as many loyal corporate partners whose contributions allow the programme to flourish year after year. We loved meeting our partners and learning about the work they do, ranging from sector advocacy, to public relations, to generating the province’s electricity.

Finally, thank you to our amazing alumni network, friends of the programme, panelists and moderators, and everyone who attended a meeting with us this year. We value your support, your time, and your insights. Your participation and contributions have been vital to our personal and professional development, and gave us a great opportunity to delve into new ideas and policy discussions.

As we go our separate ways, we will always remember the inspiring meetings we had that brought forward a new perspective and encouraged us to look at Ontario, government, politics, and policy differently. We will remember scrambling to write a speech on short notice, hurrying through the halls of Queen’s Park to get papers delivered to the House, talking to constituents about the issues that matter to them, and meeting up with each other for a lunch break in the Queen's Park cafeteria for a laugh before going back to do it all again. These are the things that will always connect us to each other, no matter where our next steps take us.

As we look forward to joining the OLIP alumni family, we wish all the best to the 47th OLIP cohort beginning their journey in September. Our advice? Take in every moment because it will be over before you know it.

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