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2nd MPP Placement: Taylor x MPP Kristyn Wong-Tam

For my second placement, I had the opportunity to work with MPP Kristyn Wong-Tam for Toronto Centre. As an NDP member, they are the critic for 2SLGBTQ+ issues, Small Businesses, and the Attorney General.  

Toronto Centre is in downtown Toronto, slightly east of Yonge and is bordered by the DVP. This riding includes many iconic areas of the city like the Church and Wellesley Village (which is the epicenter of the city’s queer community), St. Lawerence Market, and the Distillery District. This means this riding is full of cultural events, tourism, and iconic buildings that people flock to every year. The area is economically and culturally diverse, 43% are tenants and 57% are visible minorities. It was clear from working in MPP Wong-Tam’s office that they needed to balance the needs of many different stakeholders in Toronto Centre. From tenants to landlords, non-profit organizations to corporations, all kinds of people have made Toronto Centre their home.  

In this office, I learned how to balance those concerns and ensure that all constituents felt heard by their MPP. I conducted research on a variety of topics, from gender-based violence to mental health to rental housing issues and learned so much about my own community. During my placement, I was able to write speeches, create/edit video content, and I was even able to write my own PMB about limiting the use of prisons for people in a mental health crisis. I learned about the fast-paced nature of the official opposition and the importance of making people feel seen and heard in their communities.  

A million thank you’s to Ben, Emma, Sasha, and Asiya and the whole Toronto Centre Team. You were all so kind and generous to welcome me into your office. Thank you for your time and support! 

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