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2nd MPP Placement: Olivia x MPP Natalia Kusendova-Bashta

For my government placement, I had the privilege of working with and learning from MPP Natalia Kusendova-Bashta. When I started in her office, she was the Parliamentary Assistant to the Minister of Francophone Affairs, but within a few weeks, she transitioned to Parliamentary Assistant to the Minister of Long-Term Care and Minister of Seniors and Accessibility. By the final week of my placement, she was appointed Minister of Long-Term Care during a cabinet shuffle! 

Over my four months with MPP Kusendova-Bashta, I witnessed firsthand her dedication and passion for her work. She shared with me the importance of continuous learning and further education. As a registered nurse, her commitment to healthcare and helping others was evident in her role as an MPP. 

MPP Kusendova-Bashta entrusted me with a variety of responsibilities, allowing me to write speeches and remarks, collaborate with stakeholders, and plan events. Each day in the office was bustling with activity, and I appreciated the opportunity to work on a variety of tasks. My highlights from my time in her office include writing speeches and scripts about medical isotopes, a topic I was unfamiliar with until I joined the office but was able to learn so much. Planning the Polish Heritage Month event was another memorable experience, featuring great food, lively music, and a large turnout of attendees. Additionally, attending a Long-Term Care event with her while she was Parliamentary Assistant allowed me to witness her enthusiasm for her new role and her deep passion for seniors in Ontario. 

I also spent time at MPP Kusendova-Bashta’s constituency office in Mississauga Centre, where I gained valuable insights into the community's diversity and needs. 

Thank you to MPP Kusendova-Bashta and the team for being so welcoming and making me feel like part of the team! Congratulations, MPP Kusendova-Bashta, on your appointment as Minister of Long-Term Care, I know you will succeed in the role! 

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