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Sponsor Spotlight - Insurance Bureau of Canada

We were excited to get the chance to speak with our friends at the Insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC) recently. Evan, Chris, Hanna, Laura, Josh and Andrew joined the interns to talk about the wonderful world of insurance and the work of IBC. IBC is the national industry association representing Canada's private home, auto and business insurers. This means that their team of policy, government, and communications experts are very engaged in many of the policy areas we find ourselves researching and working on. We were excited to learn more about the team's backgrounds from IBC and how many of them, like us, had experiences in public policy and political science.

IBC's core tenets are trust, value and support for the consumer, and we talked about the importance of their work both for insurance policyholders and insurers in Ontario. Like most things, there is an important balance to strike in insurance regulation, however, we were interested to learn more about how risk plays a part in shaping the industry. We were also interested in hearing how the insurance industry has been dealing with climate change and how the coverage of large-scale climate-related events is becoming unsustainable for the industry.

We enjoyed learning more about the work of IBC. We were so glad to get a chance to meet with Evan, Chris, Hanna, Laura, Josh and Andrew and hear more about their work and experiences. Thank you, IBC for making the time to meet with us and for being such generous sponsors of the Programme!

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