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Sponsor Spotlight - Insurance Brokers of Ontario

The Insurance Brokers Association of Ontario (IBAO) is a not-for-profit, membership-based organization that acts on behalf of Ontario’s insurance brokerages, ranging from large to small. IBAO was among the first sponsors that our cohort had the pleasure of meeting back in September. Many of the interns entered this meeting not knowing very much about the world of insurance or the insurance broker profession, but we all learned a lot from our conversation with Chief Operating Officer, Brett Boadway. Over the course of the meeting she enthusiastically and patiently answered our many questions about the role of brokers, how different types of insurance are regulated, and about the industry more generally. Towards the end of our meeting with Brett we also had the chance to meet several members of IBAO's Board of Directors, including Board President, Joseph Carnevale, who are all active brokers themselves!

A number of IBAO representatives were able to attend the OLIP Fall Reception, so this was another great opportunity for the interns to have another chat with them and to snap a photo. We are sorry that we cannot do the same with IBAO on May 5th, the initial date for our Spring reception. We hope you are all keeping safe and health, and we look forward to reconnecting soon

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