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Sponsor Spotlight - Canadian Generic Pharmaceutical Association

On a bright and crisp January morning, we had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Jeff Connell, who is the Vice President of Corporate Affairs at the Canadian Generic Pharmaceutical Association (CGPA).

The CGPA has long been a generous supporter of the Ontario Legislature Internship Programme (OLIP). Representing a number of companies that develop generic prescription medicines, the CGPA plays an important role in ensuring the sustainability of Canada’s healthcare system. Moreover, the CGPA strives to make healthcare accessible to all Canadians by providing a cost effective alternative to otherwise pricey medications.

A former Queen’s Park staffer himself, Mr. Connell emphasized how much he relied on interns, and what an excellent learning opportunity OLIP is for us. Mr. Connell also had very interesting insights on Canada’s healthcare system and the pharmaceutical industry. We discussed the future of national pharmacare, and the challenges associated with providing prescription drug coverage for all Canadians. One challenge, of course, is Canada’s federal system, in which each province has its own way of dealing with prescription drug coverage.

We also discussed how Canada’s pharmacare system is very different from our neighbours to the south. Mr. Connell told us an interesting story about how Americans sometimes have no choice but to refill their prescriptions in Canada, because it was much cheaper. This comparative perspective was very interesting, as it shed light on how different countries manage their pharmacare systems.

It was a tremendous pleasure speaking with Mr. Connell. His passion for the Programme, and the experience we are gaining, was apparent. Thank you, Mr. Connell and the CGPA for your support of OLIP. We are very grateful for your generosity.

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