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Placement Posts - Jeremy and Meaghan in the Table Research Office

We have been lucky to be able to spend the last few weeks working in Table Research Office. This office is attached to the Office of the Deputy Clerk, and houses Table Research Clerks Joanne and Meghan, as well as the Parliamentary Counsel team of Peter and William. The Table Research Clerks conduct procedural research and analysis, with the goal of assisting the Speaker, the Clerk of the House, and MPPs in a variety of ways. They have a wide range of responsibilities, including but certainly not limited to answering questions related to procedure, sitting as a Research Officer on Committees, and contributing to drafts of Speaker’s rulings. To stay current on procedure the Table Research Clerks maintain a number of charts tracking types of motions and procedures in the House, and often write papers on procedurally relevant issues.

This office is always busy and we were given the chance to assist our supervisors, Joanne and Meghan, on some of their many interesting projects. The work we’ve been able to do has allowed us to build on the research and writing skills we acquired from our previous studies. We have also gained a familiarity with parliamentary procedure and have learned the basics of procedural research, both of which will be useful when we start in our Members’ offices.

We’d like to thank everyone in Table Research Office for warmly welcoming us, and particularly Joanne and Meghan for their guidance and encouragement. We have so enjoyed our time at Table Research Office and are looking forward to being placed with our Members!

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