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Placement posts- Gurkamal with Information Services

For my Assembly placement, I have had the privilege of working with the Information Services branch. This branch focuses on the technological delivery of Assembly information and services tostaff, Members, and the public. Moreover, they also facilitate a telling of the Assembly’s story through documentation, capture, organization and presentation of information to the public.

Information Services has been working to spearhead the modernization and standardization of Assembly technology. Digital tools provide a powerfully modern medium for data to be shared and stored. Surprisingly, safekeeping of digital data is unlike that of paper records, and this requires innovative solutions to ensure that today’s discourse transcends the test of time. Through infrastructure such as records, websites, resourceful utilities and databases, this branch upholds principles of open parliament and accessibility.

In its efforts to modernize and digitize parliament, Information Services is currently working around the clock to integrate more and more tools, both existing and new, that assists the Assembly in its duties. In this past month, I have had the opportunity to familiarize myself with the underlying fundamentals and principles that guide the use of technology. My assignments have ranged from product testing and feedback, to research synthesis and sketches. I was also fascinated to learn about the close interrelation between Information Services and the Legislative Library. It is interesting to see the intricate balance of methods by which publications and information are best served to citizens. I am grateful for the opportunity that Information Services has provided me and I look forward to making further use of this informed experience.

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